Football Index

First things first you’re obviously a football fan or you wouldn’t have got this far. How does the idea of making money from enjoying the beautiful game sound???

Do you like Fantasy Football? Did you love discovering the young prospects on Football Manager as a kid (or still do)? Do you like a flutter at the bookies? Ever fancied a dabble on the Stock Market but no idea where to invest? Do you want every game of football you ever watch to become instantly more enjoyable? If any of the above float your boat then allow me to introduce Football Index.

Known as the Football Stockmarket, on the face of it a very simple concept. Each footballer has a value, you can buy as many shares in a player as you like with the intention of selling them at a higher price for profit. Every single day there are dividends paid out for certain players. Media Dividends based on the most talked about player of the day. And Performance Dividends based on actions on the pitch. The likelihood of winning these dividends either now or in the future dictates the underlying value of each player. A lot to think about I know, the only way to get the hang of this game is to Sign up, read the game rules, invest a small amount, get involved, watch the market, learn the market, ask questions and let the fun begin.

My Journey

Check out a little article I featured in earlier this year or the FI podcast where I was recently a guest

In February 2016 I saw a Facebook advert for Football Index (FI), always seeking an opportunity for something new to try I thought I’d give it a go and threw £200 at it, bought Danny Welbeck and a few other superstars, before I knew it £500 was invested. Initially it was hard to explain to my friends why I was winning £5 a day because everyone was talking about Paul Pogba, but as the product has developed it became easier and clearer and more and more friends joined in for the ride. Over time I have invested significantly more money into the platform, I also invest on behalf of others who do not have the knowledge, time or inclination to play the game but trust me to return an amount of money more rewarding than the paltry interest rates on offer with the banks. Going forward my ambition is to use FI to fund my football travels on a more permanent basis. I will also happily offer information and advice to anyone joining up or thinking of doing so, as well as investing on behalf of anyone who prefers to see a more profitable return on their money.

The Future

So, where is FI going? For such a multi-faceted product there is still a tiny number of users, just over 600,000 at the time of writing. As listed in the beginning, there are several elements to FI that will appeal to many different types of people. With expansion to other countries being a definite aim for the owners, the future is bright and I see several years of steady growth ahead.